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My Husband Takes Long in the Bathroom, So I Barged in and Caught him Doing This

Nigerian women, like women from other cultures and backgrounds, believe marriage is a simple process into which they may enter and begin their lives. They think marriage is a bed of flowers, naive to the truth that it is not always an easy road. You can't buy a house or arrange a wedding unless you can communicate well.


Only marriage can issue you a certificate as a partner before accepting you as a member. Many people who already have a certificate will lose their right to an academic diploma. Prepare for the worst-case scenario as much as you can. Yes, it is possible to withstand hurricanes and long-term relationships.


A woman who cannot manage her household has failed as a mother and a human being. You, as a woman, are just starting your quest for a tall, handsome man to marry. If you marry a tall, handsome, and wealthy man, congratulations! But did you know that bliss doesn't end there? Is it possible that the man you thought you loved turned out to be a complete jerk?


Lastly, I'd want to share with our young ladies a tragic event in my life. Please be patient as I tell you my tragic story and ask for your understanding. 


Greetings! I'm Isabella, and I've been married to my soulmate for 21 years. So my husband and I moved to Durban, South Africa, to work. We have never had children of our own and do not want to do so soon, but we hope and pray that God may bless us with children via adoption.


But I had no intention of doing this until after I married my partner, and still it happened. Despite his wealth and attractiveness, I was never interested in marrying him because he was simply too mature for my liking. My spouse is 45 years old, but I am only 21. You're probably aware of our disparate ages. Because he is my supervisor, I usually do as he says.


My parents were not persuaded by my refusal to marry him at my age. My father told me he wouldn't teach me at university unless I married him, and I agreed. He said he'd pick up where he left off earlier in the session. My father cautioned me that finding a candidate with his financial advantages would be tough. If I married my fiancee on the other side, she promised me luxury and comfortable life.


After a few months of marriage, my husband began acting and behaving in unusual ways. It was a long day because he couldn't sleep outside in the cold. Despite my attempts to educate him, he claimed it was purely a business matter. It's purely a business decision to stay up late.


When I told Isabella, an old high school friend, about my husband's tardiness and shower time, she came up with a solution that worked for both of us. He told me to follow him into the bathroom and see what he was doing there. That's what I did! My initial response was "no," believing he'd coerced me. After much deliberation, I decided to cooperate.


My husband arrived late the next night, at 11 p.m., and left shortly after supper to use the bathroom. He was there for around 45 minutes. Then I tell others to take my friend's advice since it's the only way I can explain his success. When my wife saw me in the bathroom, I grabbed my husband's laptop and rushed out as fast as I could. Those communications were eventually uncovered on the computer's desktop.



When I asked him what he was doing with all the talking so I could see where he was going, he replied with a suspicious look. I then learned that my husband had fallen victim to the Yahoo Boys internet scam. He pleaded with me not to mention anyone in particular. It would be detrimental to his character and reputation.


Throughout my thoughts, I fought the urge to speak to someone. I couldn't decide whether to hold it against my parents, his parents, my clergy, or the cops. Could you please advise me on what I should do in this case, given that even dakwah religions like Christianity and Islam prohibit deceit?

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