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Njeza Finds Nosipho With Another Man Check Out What He's Going To Do To Her See Here

So Nosipho had enough of Njeza's oppressive side and she chose to end things with him. 

Njeza had been extremely oppressive towards Nosipho and their entire relationship depended on what Njeza said. 

So in the wake of separating, Nosipho showed Njeza out of her shack and pressed all his stuff just to show the amount she would not joke about this. 

As a method of moving past Njeza, Nosipho chose to begin searching for adoration on a dating App. She snared with a fellow and they went out on the town. 

During their date, Njeza jumped all of a sudden to inquire as to whether she was alright. Nosipho had now appeared to have been getting comfortable well with her new date. They were in any event, clasping hands. Yet, Njeza ruined everything. 

After the date, Nosipho headed back home and Njeza followed her in Sibonelo's vehicle. He landed from the vehicle when he found her. They talked and Njeza utilized his appeal to relax her. 

He then, at that point, offered her a lift and Nosipho concurred. In secrets for this evening's show, Njeza drove past Nosipho's home and it's not known were he is driving her. 

That is consistently the situation with oppressive connections. Ladies consistently adhere to the men that torture them. 


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