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Ladies start responding to your inbox, they spoke on Facebook and years later they married.

Love is one of the most unique things that could ever happen to a person. It's true that love is blind as it sees no color, no geographical location, there's nothing that can stop love from reaching people. Well, there's always a person for everyone out there. Well there might somethings that could be stopping you from finding your special person, that could be some of the things you do and one them could be the fact that you don't respond to your inboxes. A lot of people are finding dates on their inbox and some even their soul mates.

Well, this couple is one of those who found their soul mate on via responding to their inbox. Betty Padi posted on Facebook some screenshots of how she met her soul mate by just responding to her inbox messages, she sent these screenshots to show people how she managed to land the man of her dreams.

Although not a lot of people don't always agree with the thing of finding a lover online, but it's a chance to find love and we can never know how how we will find our soul mate or the person we're going to spend the rest of our life with.

What Betty posted is an example of how you can find love by just allow yourself to the opportunities that could come with online dating and just responding to your inboxes could help. Well Betty and her husband went from texting her and her responding to his texts and today they are married and happy.

this just shows us that some women are just holding themselves back from finding themselves the men of their dreams. Most women set standards that are unrealistic for men, and it could be that most men can't even reach the standards that these women have set for themselves.

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