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When is the right time to introduce your kids to your new partner

It is best to wait until you have a committed relationship with someone before introducing your children into the equation. Give things time to reach stability, where you and your new partner are comfortable with each other. Wait until the “honeymoon phase” is over, or at least less intense.

The struggle of having to wait till your partner is comfortable enough to introduce you to their kids can be a tough one .You sometimes feel like he just doesn't love you enough to trust you with his kids ,or maybe he is having doubts about the long term relationship .

It's hard enough that you are always being out second ,it's hard that you have to sneeze in a certain way when you are visiting your partnrr and the kids are around .You have to adjust to the new norm of being given till the kids are "ready" .

Some partners are saying they are protecting the interest of the kids / they are stringing you along .which one is it exactly ???

I would prefer my partner to be upfront with me and let me know if he isn't sure about us lasting than for him to lie to me .

Relationships aren't the same anymore , everyone is just looking out for their best interest ,it's no longer about us but it's more of what can the other person bring to the table .

I just need an honest partner ,with or without kids just wear your heart on your sleeves , if you have kids tell me when you will be ready to introduce me to your kids and most importantly should it have a time frame and if yes then how long because people are tired of waiting more than a year close to two years and still having to play hide and seek .

It's really not fair ,,,,it's hard but I guess these are some of the things we have to deal with to be with the one you love .

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