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"He decided to do this in his office after I left him for another lady" Lady reveals


There is a lesbian lady who just found out now that she has no feelings of love anymore for her boyfriend. Then she decided to be in a relationship with her friend little did she know that her friend was into her boyfriend.

So after she decided to leave him she later began to realise that her boyfriend is now dating her friend. She had to learn a very difficult lesson because it is said that her boyfriend went and got her friend pregnant. Now as her friend is expecting she took to her TiK ToK account to reveal that she left him for a girl and now he got her best friend pregnant.

It is funny to see this kind of things happening in our world, in the past these kind of things were not there a lot, but if you can have a look today they are more, it is today that you can hear of a friend getting a friend of his wife or a friend of her husband into liking them.

This world of ours is very wicked, and the wickedness is all over it, it is now and then that we hear of many dramas happening, others they divorce, others they kill their partners and their babies, others do some more unspeakable things, it is more like this world is a cursed world.

I will say that it is not because of love that people these days be together, but it is because of another thing, others be together because of expectations while others be together because they want to make a name for themselves.

Love and respect they are more like a relic of the past, these days people are no longer looking for love and respect but they are looking for things to make dramas with, what do you think as a reader? Would you say that the woman is crazy or the man is crazy? Would you say you support the acts of the man or not? What is your view on this? let us hear them in the comment box over there.

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