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Husband and wife relationship

First wife to refuse polygamy on the show.

MaShelembe has won large by leaving her long lasting marriage when her men was presenting a subsequent spouse. 

On a television program called #Mnakwethu, facilitated by Musa Mseleku, a ladies by MaShelembe wouldn't acknowledge a subsequent spouse acquired by her better half. 

The subsequent spouse was at that point pregnant, as the husband has been escaping his first wife to partake in the proposed second wife. 

Tragically things didn't go as arranged by the spouse when Makhosi Shelembe went to bat for herself, to decline to be abused. 

As indicated by the couple, the spouse had as of now paid ilobolo for his second wife behind his first wife. The spouse just paid 4 cows for his first wife, and the family was at this point anticipating that he should settle his commitment. 

Mseleku censured a sensation which was dropped by MaShelembe. He wouldn't uphold Langa, the spouse, after such news he was delineated for nothing. Musa stayed strong with MaShelembe, and chose to leave with her when she chose to leave. 

As indicated by MaShelembe, Langa couldn't figure out how to help her, somewhat went briefly spouse despite her good faith. 

The public watchers didn't invite a demonstration by the spouse and the subsequent wife, who was inconsiderately insolent to the main wife. 

Gifts and gifts poured in to assist with helping MaShelembe move out of the union with be autonomous and figure out how to deal with her self and youngsters in restarting her life. 

She was extended to an employment opportunity, a spot to remain in Johannesburg, while some were presenting to assist her with beginning cultivating, others offered her property for planting. More gifts were clothing, cell phone, broadcast appointment and information, money, and spa medicines. One ladies figured out how to discover her and took her to a salon and went with her to open another financial balance to get public gifts. 

The power of social media never seize to amaze me. Personally I’m proud of South Africans, this is definitely what Mr Mandela had in mind when he said the we are the rainbow nation. A person is a person by people, I know it’s never easy although I hope this she gave hope and encourage to those in toxic relationships to leave. It’s never later

A circumstance of embarrassment has transformed into a gift for Maselembe.

Pearl M.

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