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When Lies Are The Foundation Of Love

Where love lives,Lies exist.There are people who're committed to being dishonest,and who'd do and say anything to win you over

•Many people have found themselves trapped in relationships where lies rule,and are faced with internal battle of whether to quit,or keep trying

•Dealing with a partner that resort to lies inorder to get themselves out of situations can be a nightmare,and draining at time's

•Deceitful people often feel it's fine to lie rather than tell the truth as it is,Most of them would convince you that it was your feelings they were trying to protect,and not a cover to their lies.They prefer justifying over admitting to the truth

•Janus-faced individuals can not be changed by anyone,but themselves.

•A relationship is likely to collapse if one person is committed to being dishonest when confronted

•Long term healthy relationships are built on trust and honest communication,trying to build with a deceitful partner is a recipe for failure

•Love can never flourish when built on a foundation of lies,and there can never be trust where lies live.

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