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Husband and wife relationship

Important Things Couples Should Discuss Before Exchanging Vows

Before you agree to marry this man or lady, you need to have some important conversations. Ignoring these conversations can be a huge risk in the future. Don't let love blind you, ask the right questions and clarify a few things before getting married. If you are blinded by love now, marriage will open your eyes to reality. I'm going to share with you five important things couples should discuss before getting married.

1. Finance should be the single most important topic couples should discuss before considering marriage. If you can manage your finances well, your marriage could suffer. Before the children begin to establish themselves, discuss how you can achieve your goals. Discuss how to manage your money and still manage it. Achieving Specific Goals Some people are fortunate enough to have strong partners when it comes to finances. If a family's finances are well managed, they will enjoy the marriage.

2. Couples must agree on the number of children they should have. I have seen this cause fights in several marriages. In most cases, the wife wants more children, but the husband doesn't because he takes the bills into account. Something like this should have been fixed before the marriage. It should have been discussed and an agreement should have been reached.

3. Couples should discuss debts before getting married. One of the parties likely has outstanding debts. You should discuss who is responsible for the debt and how it will be repaid.

4. Couples should talk about their dream home and where they live before getting married. I do not advise you to stay with your husband's parents as there will be an argument between the mother-in-law and the wife, you cannot have two queens in one house, otherwise, it will help you stay away from your parent's wedding. Couples should discuss this and where to settle.

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5. Couples should always discuss their sexual fantasies before marriage. Such an argument will save you future problems. We have seen cases where the wife was unable to fulfil her husband's fantasies and vice versa. Most of the time, when we look at our fantasies, they are strange. This is over, for the time being, I would like to hear your opinion.

What else should couples discuss before getting married? Please share.

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