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6 Reasons Why You Should Date/Marry A Short Girl

A study by shows that the average height of a lady is 5ft 3inches or 159cms, so any woman below that height is evaluated short.

Short girls are also human beings that you can date and marry. Don't reject them because of their height, besides sometimes they make the best wife materials. 

There are lovely facts about short girls that you should know which will encourage you to date or even marry them. These facts below alone will make you like them.

1. They Are The Best At Hugs

Short girls are very good at hugs because of their height. When they hug you, they can examine your heartbeat and tell if your heart is beating fast. If you are a tall guy, try dating a short girl and thank me later. 

2. They Look Younger

This applies to both males and females, height in some instances hides your current age. Short girls usually look younger than their age because of their height. You can even date a lady older than you, and no one will ever know. 

3. They Are More Feminine

You will agree with me that short girls look more feminine because of their height. Girls on earth usually look young except for countries like Sweden, Sudan where most of their girls are naturally tall.

4. They Look Good In Pictures 

This is an undeniable fact that short girls look good in pictures. Many pictures of tall guys and short girls on the internet are good because the girls made the picture spectacular. 

5. Watching Her Get Mad Is Funny

Watching people get angry can be annoying, but watching a short girl get mad is very funny. You will imagine why she will be getting angry, and if you are the fun type, you can make fun of her because of her height. Note: if she gets angry, ask her for forgiveness.

6. Locating Her In Pictures Is So Easy

Finding short girls in pictures is very easy because of their height. First, you look for the shortest person in the picture, and if you are familiar with her face, you will locate her. Her height will make you trace her easily.

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