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Lovers Beware Of HIV/AIDS, See How You Could Contract HIV Through Kissing

There are numerous methods to contract and spread the HIV virus, which is a very terrible disease. There is also the issue of whether kissing someone you don't know whether they are infected or not can spread the virus.

The response in this situation is both yes and no. HIV can infect you if you kiss someone who has the disease. Therefore, we'll examine how kissing is the only way someone can contract HIV in this article. The CDC report provides the basis for this. While reading this post, have fun learning something new.

Only if two people share a kiss can HIV be contracted during a kiss.

HIV cannot be transmitted or acquired through saliva interchange, although it can be acquired if you share saliva with an infected person.

If you and your partner both have bleeding gums during deep, open mouth kisses and blood transfers from one person to another, you could contract HIV.

If you have an open sore on your lips or mouth and frequently kiss someone who is infected with the virus, you could potentially contract it.

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