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Opinion - Why Aren't Relationships Lasting In This Generation? Let's Talk

Why aren't relationships lasting in this generation? Let's talk.

In our Generation, it has been so difficult to keep a relationship, if it lasts longer than 6 months,then someone is either cheating or extremely unhappy and that they dont qant to dissapoint thenother person, what could really be the problem with this generation?

Some will say Ladies have turned relationships into business. If you ain't giving money because you are still struggling, she will leave saying you ae not her type because you are a broke hustling man. If you are rich and not active in bed. She will stay because of your money but have another guy who is very good in bed.

Do you agree with the above statement? Why do we blame each ither or the other gender feels its ok to put all the blame on womennor men?

It's not just this generation, so many people were raised by single moms,it's nothing new, So why didn't the fathers reunite with their wives after Apartheid?

They had probably started new lives, even women started new lives, they were never sure if they would see each other again, but that is not a valid reason to leave someone still.

Because of Money maybe, we can beat around the bush and day whatever, but a relationship needs money in order to be fun, the most common problem that we have is that we don't have money, so it's get boring and we start noticing all the negative things about each other and get fed up.

But some of us still believe that a relationship can still be a succeess without making money the main souce to keep the relationship going what is needed is true love and respect, which are the qualities that really hard to find.

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