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4 Things To Do When Your Girlfriend/Wife Insults You During An Argument

Domestic violence against our women has infiltrated our culture, and it is high time for us to educate our men so that we can protect our women and society as a whole.

We frequently see or hear of situations where a man, sometimes a husband, and sometimes just a boyfriend, mistreats his girlfriend. This is totally unacceptable, and I took it upon myself to detail the safety precautions for our men.

 We are all aware that women have huge mouths, and you should be aware of that before you enter into a relationship with one. My father usually tells me that if we start beating women because of what they say with their mouths, we will end up killing them and we will not solve anything. I agree with you on this point, and I'll share some of the solutions with you.

I understand that our emotions can sometimes get the better of us, but if you really want to be a good and worthy man you should never hit a woman and you should strive to keep your emotions in check especially when it comes to a woman's . You might even see a woman approach a man twice the size and tell him there is nothing he can do; don't worry about them; that's how most of them are; just do the things listed below.


Let's say you're home with your wife and there's a misunderstanding between the two of you, and out of anger she lets her emotions control her and slaps you in the face. I know every fiber in your body is screaming at you to pounce on it, but don't just grab your phone and wallet and leave the house for it like there's a fire on the mountain. If you touch her, you will not only lose your respect, but you will also lose the case wherever it is taken, no matter how wrong it is. If you do this believe me when I say she will beg you on her knees.


Also, in the event that your wife starts insulting you and maybe prevents you from leaving, and you can't go too, despite knowing that you don't deserve it. Keep your cool, get on your knees and start praying to Almighty God for the strength to resist such a temptation. Pray hard and ask God to help you calm her down. She is with you because she loves you, and when she sees you doing this, her heart will melt and she will have no choice but to calm down and start asking for forgiveness. When you surprise a woman, she is always blown away.


When she starts insulting you and even hitting you. Yes, women hit men with their tiny hands, but give her a hug right away and remind her of all the reasons she agreed to be with you. Start by reminding her how long you've been together and how your relationship has weathered all the storms. Hug her tight and tell her how beautiful and beautifully designed she is. Remind her why she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Don't scold her; instead, persuade her that fighting is not the way to go. Kiss her and tell her that it will always be you and her, that it is you and her against the world, and trust me, she will start to cry with joy and then apologize.


When your girlfriend is overcome with emotion and tries to share her frustrations with you, let her know quickly that you will be making her favorite food. Such gestures of a man are adored by women. Even if you're not a good cook or can't prepare food well, just tell her you'll be preparing it for her and get to work. Most of the time, the woman will walk into the kitchen and take over, but she's satisfied because you're ready to step up to that level. Also, if they take over, never leave the kitchen. Always ask her what kind of help you need to give her, do whatever you need to do, but never leave the kitchen.


In such a situation, quickly express your regret and think it through. She's your lady, and if she sees you mean it, she'll have no choice but to calm down and resolve the issue with her own apologies. Women are far too vulnerable and all they want is to be loved, respected and cherished. So whether you're right or not, she is your wife, and there is no shame in taking responsibility, swallowing your ego, and apologizing. When she's calm and everything is back to normal, you can explain to her where she went wrong, but if she's on fire right now, apologize.

I hope all men will follow this and we can all work together to make the world a better place by treating our women with respect.

Women, you must also learn to appreciate and take care of your partner. He is the king of your heart and she deserves your full attention.

Thank you for liking and sharing this post; a single share could save a home or a relationship. We will make the world a better place if we work together. Thanks for the reading.

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