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'See what this man did to a Slay Queen while trying to separate a fight.

Take a look at what this man did to a slay queen while attempting to break up a fight.

Daily, curvaceous girls, along with those who are generously endowed with large melons and massive backsides, continue to go viral on social media. Due to their distinct physical characteristics, this is the case. When their photographs and videos go viral on social media sites, they are able to attract a large number of viewers.

One such video is now doing the rounds on various social media platforms. Two slay queens are about to engage in a violent fight when a skinny young man intervenes to keep them apart. It is unclear what might have sparked the near-fight.

An unsuspecting young man in the vicinity proceeded to grab one of the ladies and calm her down while attempting to keep these slay queens from hurting each other. What was observed was that the young man ended up fondling the slay queen's enormous rear while telling her to calm down...

In order to escape being devoured, the other lady continued to tease the other lady while running inside.

This has resulted in the video being increasingly popular. To see it, go to this link: Simply clicking on the link provided below would suffice.

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