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Divorce Affair

EISH| This Beautiful Lady Divorced Her Husband to Marry a Woman Because Of a Deep Secret

Choices are essential in life, but the most important thing is to make the best decision possible at any given time. Although every human being goes through tough times, the ability to learn from our mistakes and ensure that we do not make the same mistakes again is always a positive development.

To be safe, avoid making judgments when you are enraged with someone since that mistake might come back to haunt you later. The difficulty that most people nowadays have is that anytime there is a minor disagreement between their spouses, they tend to take it too far without taking the time to listen to what the other person has to say.

It took the entire family by surprise when Natasha Thandiwe, a gorgeous lady well-known as Natasha Thandiwe, chose to end her five-year marriage in order to marry a woman she met on social media. However, the lady stated that she was done with her husband and intended to continue her life with a woman, a decision that angered her father to the point that he claimed to have disowned her from that point on.

Pictures of Natasha and Mike on their wedding day:

The husband, who goes by the name of Mike Kungawo, was devastated by his wife's decision, especially since they had already had a child together. He tried everything he could to persuade her that he was still the right man for her, but all of his efforts fell on deaf ears, and she eventually decided to divorce him. Mike subsequently discovered that the reason for his wife's petition for divorce is due to her affair with her lesbian lover, which she had with another woman. When Mike discovered the truth, he had no choice but to let her to go her separate ways with him. It was Natasha's family that had a significant part in trying to prevent her from making such a significant decision, but it was too little, too late to prevent her from doing it.

Pictures of Natasha and her new female partner after she divorced her husband:

In a nutshell, Natasha was successful in getting married to her lesbian spouse and has not looked back since. After her marriage, she told her parents the most intimate secret of her life: she had an abortion with Mike after their first child, and the doctor told her that it is very unlikely that she will be able to conceive again in the future. This forced her to make the most difficult decision of her life, which brought sorrow to a family that was once filled with happiness.

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