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2016 VS 2021, Photos of this Couple Left People Stunned on social media


One thing that many people are striving for is stability in a relationship. If you look all over social media, there are so many dating sites and platforms that are created for those who are single to find their soul mates and settle down. However, relationships are one of the hardest things to maintain. They need commitment and passion.



Just when everybody is complaining about how relationships are so hard, a couple caused a stir on social media after sharing their love story in a photo. They posted a photo of a photo that they took together in 2016 and the one they took together in 2021 to show that they have been together for too long. See their photo below:



After this photo was shared, many people were impressed. It is very rare to find a relationship lasting so many years. Many people congratulated them and wished them a happily ever after on their love journey. See a few of the comments below.


All over social media we see people complaining about how relationships are hard and stuff. If these two could hold onto each other for a full 5 years, what makes you think you can’t do it? It all just needs communication and commitment. If two people are really willing to understand and commit to each other, nothing can stop them. Just in case there’s someone who has lost hope in relationships, it's not too late. Go out there and fetch your soulmate. You never know what tomorrow has in store for you.


What are your thoughts about relationships? What do you think is the reason why many relationships don't make it to marriage? Those who have been there, please share the secret with him in the comments section.



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