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"My Baby Mamma stole my steering wheel", this is why u shouldn't mess with an angry woman.

They are a lot of things that you should watch out for when you get a new car as you go up in life, that is what this young father found out. As some information about the human nature when a bit of resent between couples who go their separate ways.

But their are certain factors that lead to the former couple to hate or even resent each other because of this. And this is just a good example of that nature as a Durban man had his cars steering wheel stolen by his baby momma.She allegedly smashed in his front window and took her time to get the cars steering wheel out.

The district man posted this very shocking scene of what his baby momma did to his vehicle. It really got a lot of people talking after it was posted and it has been trending on social media and the picture was captioned, "My punk a$$ baby mama done stole my steering wheel ".

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