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Ancestors they chose for our paths

If you want to be happy in this lifetime, learn to accept things that you can't change but change the things you can, know the difference between those two.

Never attach yourself to anything, never live for yesterday it is gone and it will never come back, never live for tomorrow because it might not come.

your life is now, live in the moment, take things as they come and ask for divine wisdom to understand your life and your journey.

Life is a journey full of many destinations, some will be shorter some long, love everyone even those who hate you but know when to stay and when to walk away.

Unconditional love means loving without expectations, when you love someone but they don't love you too, you don't stop loving them because they don't love you,

love is what you give not what you receive, always remember people love from their wounds, but always walk away from things that steal your peace of mind.

You can still love someone even from the distance and always love yourself first but never hurt anyone on purpose.

Live as if today was your last day on earth, never go to bed with anger, forgive even those who never ask for forgiveness.

Go for things you love, never waste time in regrets we are here to learn and to rectify our mistakes, stop punishing yourself, spend time with people who matters to you and always pray for a better version of you.

life is not a competition stop comparing your life to those of others. Live to be better than who you were yesterday and always remember happiness is the state of mind not something you can buy, to be happy is to be grateful for what you have. Let love and harmony flow in your life, always and forever.

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