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Do You Remember The Man Who Got Married To His Rice Cooker? See What Has Happened After The Marriage

Khoirul Anam, an Indonesian man, drew uproar on social media following his marriage to his Philips rice cooker a few weeks ago. Anam took to social media to proclaim the weird union of his rice cooker and his rice cooker. Following the announcement, we saw photographs of him dressed entirely in white, with his rice cooker shrouded in a white veil as well.

Anam described his wedded "bride" as obedient and serene as he signed wedding forms. The occasion was capped off by a kiss from his wedding wife.

As a result of tremendous praise for his courageous deed, TheProgrammeNews has heard that Anam has divorced his "rice cooker" wife. According to him, he has not yet met his ideal companion. "My decision is circular.. somewhat weighty.. but this is the way I take.. there is no perfect mate," he stated on his social media profile.

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Source: The Indian Express

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