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5 Things you should Never sacrifice in a Relationship| just like DJ Zinhle

1. Your passion

We all have something we are passionate about.

Your passion is what gives you life and makes life interesting and worth living. It is what fills your heart with warmth and set your soul on fire.

Just think, what is life and who are you without it?

And if a relationship demands that you give up your passion, should you be in such?

Some women who could have been great actresses quit acting because their men couldn’t stand them being with other men on set.

You can never be happy in a relationship where you give up doing what you love just to keep a man or a woman.?

2. Your dreams

Again, your hopes and aspirations for the future is what makes life fun.

What is life without dreams?

Dreams give you a picture of your future.

Perhaps you see yourself as a politician in the nearest future, but the person you’re dating doesn’t believe that women should be in the corridor of power.

3. Your beloved family

No matter how deep in love you are, you should never ostracize your family.

Family is/will always be family.

By family, I don’t mean people who are just related to you by blood but those who really love and care about you.

If this family raises concerns about your relationship with someone, then you should be careful.

4. Your independence

Some women have had to give up their financial independence to preserve their men’s ego.

Such men want them to be completely dependent on them so they can control the women.

5. Your happiness

What makes you happy apart from your relationship?

Take these away and what have you?

If the relationship goes south, what will you be left with?

Happiness is one of humans’ highest goal; so much so that they would give and do anything to be happy.

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