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Will I be a terrible person if I moved on after 2 weeks of breaking up?

This has caused a stir on social media because many people are wondering why this would be the case as the woman mostly moves on very quickly from a breakup than a man does because they are so friendly with everyone, it is easy to let in another man before the other one has tapped out.

Men on the other hand will have to find another willing participant yo be in a relationship with, but you have to take into account the fact that women hate to be alone SK they will be in any relationship if that relationship was the worst thing she could ever be in. They don’t care as long as they are not alone in this world.

This is a bone of contention with many people who know that women have to find themselves in relationships, and can not be a lone for a minute. This is a serious matter to discus at men's conference. Most people are in unhappy relationships because they just don’t want to be all alone.

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