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After This 17-year-old Boy Got Married To His 15-year-old Girlfriend, See How Their Life Turned Out

A young man went viral on social media sites a few months ago after surfacing online and telling his amazing story of how he started his family at such a young age.

According to Emenyeonu Obinna, he had to marry his girlfriend when he was 17 years old, and the young lady was 15 years old at the time.

He posted a new photo of them recently with their two beautiful daughters, one of whom is already an adult and the other a toddler, while sharing his story.

Many people congratulated him and commended him on his decision to marry the young girl considering her age after their story went viral on social media platforms.

The congratulations were followed by claims that he had gotten her pregnant, resulting in their marriage at such a young age.

Although some praised him, others criticized him, claiming that they are too young for marriage and that it will end soon when they know who they are; however, they are incorrect, as the couple is still strong, happy, laughing, and living together with their children.

According to recent searches of Emenyeonu Obinna's profile, the two are still together and seem to be very happy. They spend time as a family and together.

From his Facebook page, here are some pictures of them having fun as a couple:


It's great to see them still together as a family, and the two deserve all of the public's love for standing by each other since they were children.

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