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"I Knowingly Slept With a Married Man, This Is What He Did To me" Lady Says

When the man she thought she was going to have a future with allegedly left her and went back to his wife, Daisy says that it has left her in a bad situation. She has now talked about it for the first time.

Because he would always be there for her, the woman said she started dating him. She also said that she always did this to him because he was her favorite person.

He was always there for her and her family, and she said that made her love him even more. She agreed to date him because of this. He was always there for her.

That didn't stop the man from taking his family and moving to the United States. Now, Daisy says that she's living alone and that the man doesn't care that they're living and struggling even though he's rich.

In the wake of this incident, Kenyans who took to social media to share their thoughts and ideas on the matter have asked the government to look into this kind of thing so that it doesn't happen to women who are often abandoned by men.

The government hasn't done anything about the increasing number of single mothers who are often left by their men, who leave them to raise their children alone. Most Kenyans said that was very sad.


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