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Divorce Affair

You're Shaping Your Children's Views On Marriage And Love

You are shaping your children’s views on marriage and love. Every marriage is a university where children learn through observation what love is and what marriage should be. Therefore, model the marriage you want your children to experience. The way you treat your spouse daily is how your children will treat their spouses, and more importantly, it is how they will expect to be treated by their spouses. Do not underestimate the power of your influence on your children.

The abusive and denigrating words they daily hear are the exact words they will repeat, attract, and experience. The loving, gracious and kind words they hear are the same words they will echo and accept. The physical abuse they see is the abuse they will repeat and tolerate. Model the marriage that you would want your children to emulate and experience. Would you be happy if your daughter is treated in the same way that you treat her mother? Would you be happy if your son is treated in the same way that you treat his father? “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” (Mark 4:9) Let your prayer be, “Lord help me walk in a way that you would be proud of if my children walked in it. Help me speak to my spouse so lovingly and graciously and act so selflessly that I may reveal and reflet Christ to my children. Amen!”

Children get tangled in these situations, sadly some struggle to perform well at school, some will go and bully other children. These issues are not addressed properly because when parents get to see the poor results they tend to blame them and push them for better results. Children are pure they are innocent in all the things they do. They need guidance and patience in everything.

This is the reason why history has continued to repeat itself, Children learn from their parents and unfortunately take what they have learnt to their marriage Consiously or unconsciously, So sad, no wonder many broken and divorced homes, All these still boils down on the children. 

We are all involve in this to make sure things go well in our marriage. Give room for mistakes ,error ,apologies etc. Let love reign, Let God be the first in our homes, pray together, face challenges together, and win together.

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