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Men be careful, this guy was infected with HIV&AIDS because he lied, see what happened to him.

Men be careful out there lying to these ladies this guy was infected because he lied to the girl he was dating making her a side chick, but he has a wife.

Source of the news Facebook here's link below for more details.!/sharer.php?fs=0&sid=!/sharer.php?fs=0&sid=

Posted by single club on Facebook the identity of these people are kept secret for their sake as the lady asked for the admin to hide her name. This posts on Facebook are posted because they make you aware of the situation people come across in life so next you may be careful in whatever you do, some come to those pages seeking advice from Facebook friends, and they want to remain anonymous.

This lady revealed a sensitive story that he infected the man because men are disrespectful, and she wants to teach him a lesson. The 23-year-old lady is living with HIV, and they have been dating for a while the guy wanted to have it without protecting, but she insisted that they use protection even though the guy did not want that, she protected him from getting the virus because she loves him.

She found that the guy has a wife which it occurred to her the guy was just playing her and now they are not using any protection, so he gets infected, furthermore she said that men are disrespectful, and I want to teach him a lesson of a lifetime and the wife will forgive her.

Men if you have the right woman by your side stop sleeping around to focus on them because you bring them unnecessary harm, and they don't know anything. If you already took a wife stay with her and be devoted.

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