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My Girlfriend Drinks And I Don't, Do You Think Our Relationship Will Work?

What would you do if your girlfriend drank alcohol but you didn't?

An individual asked a question, what people would do if they found out their significant other drank alcohol but they did not?

Most people suggested that this would not be a problem, however he needed to be careful.

Some people reminded him that when he met her, she already drank alcohol and that he should not try to change her now that they are in a relationship.

A different group of people suggested that he should find someone else with the same interests as his own.

Some say , if the alcohol does not affect the entire relationship , then it should not be a problem.

The consumption of alcohol is not a problem, unless if it affects your day to day life, remember to stay safe and drink responsibly.

What would you do if your partner drank alcohol but you did not?


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