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“I’m 14 and I’m someone’s wife”


Meet Lattie Mtalz the teenager from Cape Town who left people in disbelief after she went to Facebook and claimed she was 14 years of age and is in fact married.

In the picture she uploaded, Mtalz is wearing Xhosa regalia that’s strictly worn by a Makoti (a Xhosa newly wedded woman).

This is probably just a hoax and the reason behind her wearing these clothes is because September is a heritage month in South Africa, and specifically the 24th of September is National Heritage Day and every year people wear all kinds of traditional outfit in celebration of the day.

The young girl also has no ring on the left finger of her left hand; but however, if it’s true that she is indeed married then her parentd have failed dismally at parenting because a 14 year old is supposed to be still in school, not married. Also, according to Customary Marriages Act,115 of South African law, it is now illegal for minors to get married, even under customary marriage.

Although we all should live our lives as we please, but a person should be at least 18 in order for them to make mature and sound decisions about their lives.

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