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My girlfriend Stabbed me poured hot water and left me for death in my room.

Twitter user @COVID_19_GLOBAL tweeted that her girlfriend stabbed him and poured hot water and he asked tweeps what he should do?

My girlfriend did this to me this morning, I this not man abuse? Stabbed me and poured hot water on me. what must i do?”

They were fighting over the phone yesterday the conversation today was the continuations of yesterday and the argument was heated they she boiled water and poured and took a knife and lock the guy in the room left him for death. See below the conversation

A relationship must be healthy and as matured and adults you must learn to solve problems without hurting each other.

Love is a beautiful thing when it's done right by both partners.

As he asked what he should do here's what tweeps said to him. chantelnch said “Get her arrested , you can’t tolerate such or let her get away with it”

@Razancabeeb said “ “I do not want to ruin her life”, my foot!.get her arrested, this one would blow your head off if she has the chance let her spend a few months/years cooling off in the cells, she’ll thank you for helping her get rid of the demons that possessed her when she returns”

@Cmileniziie said “Honestly I don't want to add salt on the burned wounds but reporting her is the only solution here, tomorrow she will kill you even wena ubusy you don't want to involve the police who do you think will help beside them ke?”

@Bleezler said “True reporting her to the police is the right thing to do ,but the cops will do nothing but make a mockery out of him ,saying he is bullied by a lady .Doug I would leave this hun and get a restraining order against her”

What would you do if you were in the same situation?

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