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A Couple Steals Many Hearts When They Were Spotted Doing This In Public

Many couples go through certain procedures before they get married, that includes introducing the bride to the future husband's family. The family gives their future bride some duties to perform, then the family decides if they want her as their bride.

Well, on the other hand, in South Africa we normally propose and then pay lobola before we can get married. In the current years, we usually pay the bride price with money to the family of the bride. This is to prove that we love their daughter, and we want to take care of her. We also pay the money to thank the parents and family for raising our future bride. Let us take a look at an interesting story of a beautiful couple who love each other dearly.

The gentleman decided to take his lady to the field before going on his knees to asking for her hand in marriage. We all know this is a standard and known procedure, but what made this proposal interesting is what he did next. This man showed his future wife cows, which obviously belongs to him. Considering that, the cows were also part of the proposal. According to the African culture and customs, the bride price is not paid using money, but we use live stock as payment.

This was due to the fact that back in the days, people never had access to money, but they possessed cows. So based on his proposal this man knows exactly what he was doing, the bride's family will never reject his proposal for marriage even if they wanted to. Do you think paying lobola using cows is still best as opposed to paying with money?

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