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4 Lessons Ladies should Learn From A Lady Who Married A Man She Met On Social Media.

People who write a list of what they want to buy before heading to the store will avoid being tempted to buy things they didn't budget for. When a woman knows what she wants and how to position herself to achieve it, she will not linger long. 

Shanice, a charming American woman who married a man she met on Instagram, has some valuable lessons for ladies who are getting ready to marry. You can learn the following four things from her conversation with the man she married. 

1. She has a clear understanding of what she desires. It's one thing to wait until marriage; it's quite another to recognize someone you want when you see him. She identified the man she desired and took action. 

2. She didn't squander any of her time. She recognized the man she desired and took action promptly. We can see that she made the first move from the screenshot that was made accessible. However, she did so in an unusual way by first praising and vocally admiring the young man before inquiring about his origins. Her demeanor drew a positive response from the male, who said, "She's also lovely." 

3. She understands how to "hit her targets." She sourced information from Sammie in a very elegant manner. She never went right to asking her questions, but first used nice words and compliments to acquire the essential information a women wants to know about a man she likes. She has always prioritized herself over the man. She appreciates the man's compliments on her every time he says something kind about her. 

4. She used her words in a respectful manner. While they were conversing, she displayed a high amount of respect for the man. Respecting a man will make him proud of his role as the family's leader. She could have called him Sammie, but she went with "Sir." When a woman chooses to respect a man, she is more likely to attract his attention than those who do not. "Sir!" she said when Sammie inquired about her name. I'm Shanice, and I'd want to introduce myself to you. 

She knows exactly what she wants, how to position herself, how to make a move, and how to get her man. I believe her approach to Sammie will be beneficial to a woman who is looking for the ideal man. 

Sammie has provided the entire dialogue below. 

What can you say about her and how do you see her approach?

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