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How to approach a girl anywhere and get her contact (opinion)

First approaches with a lady might be a bit nerve wracking. When you begin to question yourself or fear rejection, fears will certainly surface. When it comes to contacting beautiful women, one of the most common pitfalls is that many guys have no idea how to approach someone they have never met. Whereas guys have a problem attracting women, this isn't an issue for women. Stopping a beautiful young lady on the road isn't rare, yet avoiding someone who is lost is, too.

Avoid being shy while talking to women by following these steps.

1. When meeting a lady for the first time, it's all about what you say and how you say it. The next stage is to put your newfound confidence to work. One way to accomplish this is by complimenting the woman you're meeting.

When you first meet a woman, make sure to complement her. When complementing a woman, be sincere and truthful. Don't just declare something is the greatest because you read about it in a book or copied it from another source; be open to trying something new if the opportunity comes. Use your common sense and take advantage of the opportunity. When you congratulate a woman, she will want to verify that your compliments are sincere before accepting your remark. Women can tell when a man is trying to be all nice on them, and it will make them uncomfortable if you do it all the time.

(2) Ask her interesting questions and engage in a spirited discussion with her. When you're at a loss for words, you've reached this stage. Pose thought-provoking questions to her that will compel her to provide information.

You may, for example, pretend you're lost and in need of aid. Tell her that she reminded you of a former acquaintance and see if you can identify her name. After that, say something like, "By the way, my name is...," or something like. She'll probably definitely answer with her own name. Start a conversation and, even if the topic becomes more fascinating, remember not to linger too long.

You'll have a far greater chance of acquiring her number and getting her to agree to a date if you let the conversation continue until she feels comfortable with you. While talking to her and making her laugh, you were presenting yourself as someone pleasant to be around, and she could want to be in your vicinity as a result of that.

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