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" I don’t do relationships anymore, I just want someone to sleep with and have a kid together" Lady

Relationships, according to the user @Ntiya fineapple, are overrated. Without being in a committed relationship, all she wants is to have sexual encounters, cohabit, and start a family with another person. She desires for them to spend the rest of their lives as friendly companions.

"Unfortunately, I don't do relationships anymore. However, you and I can sleep together, create a small bond, get something to eat, have a kid, move in together, split expenses, and go on vacation together as friends." She sent forth tweets.

"A partnership like that is not considered typical. Simply go ahead and start a family by getting married. Put an end to making things more difficult "Said @Mphoza Mphoza.

"Our current generation has, quite simply, lost touch with a traditional way of living. What we were accustomed to knowing appears to be relegated to the annals of history; a fresh chapter is waiting to be written, and we are all going to be a part of it." Said @Tastsment.

"Women are very good at reading other people's emotions. I seriously wonder that any woman could make it through life in that kind of environment." Mthoko Ntsethe said it best.


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