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I don't date broke guys that's why I'm a prostitute. The guys who buy from me pay me a lot(FICTION)

Reporting from South Africa...

In South Africa prostitution is illegal for both buying and selling s-ex, as well as related activities such brothel keeping and pimping. However it remains widespread.

One of the people who are selling s-ex is Seithati Motswana (31) from Rustenburg. Even though certain South African laws do not permit anyone to sell s-ex in the country, that didn't halt Seithati from selling it under carpet.

According to the statement she gave us, she has since started selling when she was still 21 years old.

"When my parents died I had no one to depend on. So. I had to choose to either sulk or stand up on my own two feet and make a plan and there came an easy shortcut. I did my first gig at the age of 21 and it wasn't nice, Infact it's not nice to let strangers do as they please with your body-the temple of the Lord, but I guess I don't have a choice but to agree to their terms", she said.

Miss Motswana confirmed that the Mercedes Benz C63s that she drives, house she built and petrol money comes as a result of selling s-ex. Her clients pay her more because she always give them a top notch service, and they keep coming back for more.

Poverty is what pushed her into prostitution and I won't judge her at all because when you're poverty-stricken you will do anything that can help you put food on the table.

The only thing that I'm concerned about is whether she protects herself and her clients or not. HIV is still a disease that kills, especially if you don't know your status.

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