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"My best-friend Organized 4 Men To Rape Me" Lady Painfully Narrates.

Your best friend may sometimes be your worst enemy, which is why I constantly tell people to believe themselves and expect or be prepared to handle everything, since we all have friends who are secret foes who don't want us to succeed in life.

Pauline is one of the girls who, at the age of 16, went through hell since her best friend deceived her. Pauline revealed she was born and raised in the slums of Kibera in an interview with Presenter Ali. Childhood was difficult since they went to bed hungry.

Despite all of their difficulties, Pauline had a gift for giving, and she could hide some food and share it with her best buddy.

Their bond lasted until her best buddy dropped out of high school due to pregnancy. She was pursued at their house, but Pauline intervened with the parents, promising to share any modest money she receives from her sponsors with the girls.

Despite going to school, Pauline used to give the girl her pocket money until one day she realized the truth. Pauline didn't realize her closest friend had invited her only to unwind, but when she entered the house, her buddy knocked him from behind and pulled him to his brother's side.

There were four males in the house who were holding her hard, two of whom assaulted her will and the other two who were holding her tightly. She was threatened after the incident that if she told her mother, it would be the end of their family.

She couldn't walk well at the time, so she limped up to the hospital, was given medication, and came home in pain, but she didn't tell her mother.

Since then, Pauline has despised men, and it wasn't until she reached fourth grade that she chose to marry. However, her first marriage was toxic, and her husband used to abuse her, so she left with one child and went straight to the second, which was as poisonous.

She chose to remain single, raise his two children, and devise a strategy to assist the soiled children. Pauline currently runs a stay house where she assists young girls who have been defiled at a young age. This is an incredible story, and I hope you remember that there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

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