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Divorce Affair

VIDEO: My marriage did not work and my ex-husband was beating me

Dineo Ranaka said her marriage failed within a year, not because she was very vocal and good at standing up for herself. It was because her ex-husband was physically abusive towards her and beat her. But she said she made vengeance by biting back while trying to defend herself from the abusive marriage.


Even though her husband was beating her, he was cheating on him and Ranaka said when it comes to cheating, it is something that she could work on and fix it. But when it comes to having to go through a beating, she will never let it slide while she is feeling pain on her body.


Well, it would be better to cheat on your partner rather than have to administer physical pain with your own hands, especially since both of them are together and not promoted either way. One of the times a partner would hurt you and inject physical pain with evidence. When she was talking about her life, she was emphasizing everything on the mic.

Within all her relationships, with the beating that she has gone through, it is the most bad one, and with other previous partners she is speaking more highly of them as long as they are still able to have a chat about them as parents to their children. She does not regret having children, but having a new baby is no longer an option for her. It is also good to encourage other people to talk about what is hurting in their relationships.


Dineo does not condone or accept being quiet when it comes to going through the torment that was coming from her partners. She does not want to talk much about her ex-husband, but she does talk about what he has done in their marriage. It is not easy to come out and leave behind a marriage and for some people, it could be a sign of not being independent.

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Dineo Ranaka Ranaka


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