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Guys Is This Your First Encounter? Try These To Impress Or Win her.

In today's article, we'll talk about how to impress a girl the first time you meet her. This, however, may differ for different girls out there. But there are some things you can do to make a good first impression on her.

1. You don't have to put on a show to impress others. Be true to yourself. Be self-assured and certain of who you are. Some people will enjoy it, while others will not. But if you pretend to be someone you're not, you're wasting your time because she'll eventually figure out and the relationship will end.

2. Give her a small amount of praise.

Meaning, when you first see her picture, you might think to yourself, "You look more gorgeous than I thought, I'd be quite lucky if I date you" (just for fun), but please don't flatter her (girls understand this). Respect her, and please don't lower your standard of self-respect. Girls admire self-respecting men. Don't try to show off, just be yourself and try to present your down-to-earth level; don't try to be physical at first meet; make her feel comfortable, appreciate her smile; don't ask about her past; instead, ask about her hobby, goal, daily business, and general questions. Make her feel at ease by using light humour. A girl will tell you about herself the day she begins to trust you.

3 Be courteous.

Don't forget to keep your manners. Being polite to the woman you're trying to impress, as well as strangers on the street, will reflect well on your character.

4 Make her feel unique.

Find small ways to make her feel special. Send her something random, such as her Instagram photo, or tell her something you wouldn't tell anyone else.

5. Be Sincere.

Just don't try to act cool or pretend to be someone else. Girls despise it when you pretend to be a hero but end up looking like a jerk. Do not linger, even if you have already fallen for her; never show that you are talking to her solely for the purpose of becoming more than friends with her. Normal conversation. It's also critical that you don't bother her by messaging or following her repeatedly. That, believe me, will not help. The trick is to message her once every three days to make a good first impression.

6. Don't keep praising her over and over.

This is a critical one. I've seen many males approach a girl by praising her and complimenting her on everything from being gorgeous to being s€xy to having great eyes and so on! Please, DO NOT DO THIS. Yes, girls adore praises, but when you keep offering them to them, it starts to sound artificial.

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