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Divorce Affair

Reasons why men cheat

Do you feel like your men is cheating on you? Have you caught him cheating several times and you perhaps feel like he has ran out of love? Is your relationship breaking because of cheating? Take a look at these reasons why men cheat.

He wants a polygamous relationship

Most men are naturally built for polygamy. If you find out that your men has been seeing someone else behind your back then he might be cheating because he wants two or more women in his life. Most men love multiple partners and they would choose polygamy at any given day. You can explore the possibility of opening up your relationship and let another women in or you can leave while it’s still early to do so.

He has fallen out of love

The beautiful feeling of falling in love with someone doesn’t last forever. When you first fall in love with someone, you might experience some passion and excitement, a feeling you can’t really explain. But with time that feeling can dissapear. Then you’ll realise you no longer inlove or you’ve fallen for someone else.

He’s insecure

Most men start to feel insecure and jealous if they realise how alluring their girlfriends are. They start to feel like their women may be seeing other men or are actually cheating. Communicate with your men and assure him that he’s your one and only. That might not refrain him from cheating though.

He wants adventure

He may be cheating because he’s tired of the boring routine you guys have. He wants to explore and have fun and you’re not giving him that.

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