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WARNING|| Stop Carrying Sealed Packages For Friends Or Families

Money has no friends. People betray their loved ones because of money. Families turn against each others because of money. At this time and age where money is placed above all it can be dangerous to trust anyone, even family or family friends.

Most times when traveling, weather home or another country, we're normally asked by our relatives or family friends or just friends to carry a package along and give their loved ones on arrival, it's normal but it might be dangerous not knowing what you are carrying

Be it a sealed bottle of wine, a designers bag or custom made jackets, make sure you know what you are carrying along to avoid trouble with the law.

Drug Organizations come up with new ways of transporting their goods everyday and they target those desperate for money or simply money mongers. They could ask your friends or relatives to smuggle some drugs through you unbeknownst to you.

They have so many ways, they could tamper with your suitcase and you wouldn't know. The Cops never believe such stories that you didn't know and you could end up in jail for something you know nothing about.

Your loved ones who put those things unbeknownst to you will never come forward to take the blame and we know what the police say "Whatever is found on you, is yours"

So be careful out there, because the love of money these days is enough to put your life in danger. Pack, unpack, repack your suitcase if someone has been close to it

and know what exact it is you're carrying on you when you decide to do a favor by carrying a package for a friend or relative. it can happen to anyone.

Have you or anyone experienced such? please do share your experiences in the comment section for others to learn. Thank you

Content created and supplied by: TaymarNgozi (via Opera News )


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