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Getting your man to change for the better.

It is now terrifyingly clear that men and women communicate in different ways. If you've ever tried to tell a man how you feel, you know it's true.

Most of the time, men don't know what to do and just fall silent and end the whole conversation. As a dating coach, I know women get frustrated and I want to help you avoid this weird and frustrating situation. Have you tried all kinds of approaches to getting close to a man and pulling him out every time you move? Sometimes we have to admit that men seem too cold, aloof, and don't know what they want in a serious relationship.

There are men who just want to stay casual forever for no reason. You are in a place in life where you don't know what you want and therefore the time will never be the right time for what you want. These men are not ready for the kind of dedicated connection you want.

High quality women know this and have been trained to spot these swindlers from a distance and after a few conversations. While you know who you are and what you want, your man could be the opposite and try to figure it out for himself. So it's not your fault.

You are not the only woman wondering about men's behavior. But that's not an excuse to stop. You just need to learn to understand men and get a new perspective on relationships beyond the female point of view. What to do when you feel like something is wrong and you notice that your man is starting to get away from you is to do the opposite of your intuition.

Instead of getting into an argument or intervening, give your man some time and allow him to return to his comfort zone so that he has some space to think and reflect on what he's done. When a man thinks, he makes decisions about whether to commit to you and stay in your relationship.

A man needs time to think because he doesn't know how to respond to a difficult emotional question. That's why he's leaving. Remember, men are not used to being so sociable with women and can feel overwhelmed when difficult problems arise in the relationship.

Men want and need a balance between being together and time to reflect. When you reach equilibrium, no man will abandon you for wrong purposes. If you really love him, don't confront him. Work with him through his problems. Take a look at the areas of your relationship that you think need the most improvement and work on them first.

Then try to convey to her husband that a relationship is always on and that we don't have to be happy and partying all the time. A real relationship is about creating memories during the ups and downs, it's about how we connect between those moments. In general, men want to be in a safe relationship as much as you do.

Be nice and get in touch when you feel like you've given yourself enough space. However, they also need to be determined to meet their needs as much as possible. And remember that your husband's answer to your questions will determine your true relationship potential, so don't waste time on losers and focus your full attention on a guardian. If it's bad and won't change, it's time to renew it.

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