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Funny Moments: When they do not want you to go out with the boys during the long weekend.

It's always fun and relaxing to go out with some friends and let loose a little bit, but if you have a young family it can be a bit tricky since they need your attention too.

Maybe if you ever find yourself in that situation it's always better to hang out with them instead. The family is the basic unit of society, so, yes, hanging out with the family is being social.

One gentleman has brought social media platforms to a standstill with laughter after he was caught dancing the night away in his living room. 

In a video that has gone viral the guy can be seen dancing and drinking some booze in the living room while his daughter and wife are looking at him. You can check the video through this link:

Many were left in stitches on Twitter and a lot of people reacted and commented on the post. I must admit l take off my hat to this guy, indeed if they don't allow you to go out and party with your friends it's always better to party with them in the house.

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