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Husband and wife relationship

Twins marry the same man: We wanted to escape poverty, now we regret.

Anyone who has lived and suffered in poverty understands how costly poverty is. Seeing others rise out of poverty can make you believe that we have the power to improve our situation.

When poverty strikes, families may find themselves without adequate housing, nutritious food, or safe drinking water. It's extremely annoying to have a basic income that's so low that you can't afford to buy the necessities of life.

We meet the twins who married the same man in order to get out of poverty. The narrative of how it happened has touched many Mzansi hearts, but others have expressed dissatisfaction with the motives for their marriage.

Owami and Olwethu, twins, married the same man in the most recent episode of Dlozi'Lami. They both expressed their dissatisfaction with their marriage. This comes after they made news a few years ago when they married Mzukuseni Mzazi, a television director.

The twins also think that they are one soul in two bodies, and that they should share everything for that reason. They claim to have shared everything from birth, and now they share a husband.

The two claim that their grandma raised them and that they were poor. They approached the TV director after matric to pursue a career in acting, and he made a move on them.

"We told him we were young, passionate ladies who wanted to be actresses because he was our guru. He agreed, but subsequently sent an SMS saying, "I won't be able to help you unless you become my wives." ", Owami stated.

He was fine with the twins coming to adore him because they took a gamble.

"We were in a marriage that we didn't enter because we loved our husband so much. We married to get out of the poverty we were living in "Owami stated.

The twins were 21 at that time and did what they had to do to survive.

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