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In dating relationships, there are four major mistakes that single women should avoid at all costs.

We all know that before getting married, you must go through a period of courtship with your significant other to get to know one other and determine whether you are compatible to be husband and wife or simply friends.

This is because certain relationships are only designed to be friendships, and if you try to take them to another level, they would crumble.

These are some of the common blunders that lead people to believe their spouses have cheated on them. No, some relationships are only designed to be friendships and nothing more.

This is why young ladies who are dating should refrain from doing some things in their relationships until they are married, in order to avoid sorrow and resentment if you decide to break up with them.

To all the single girls out there, please do not pretend to be married if you are not. You should be aware that there is a significant difference between dating and marriage.

Here's a list of things you shouldn't do until you've tied the knot with your man.

The first thing you should never do when visiting your fiance is sleep over in his bed. It makes him believe that marrying you is pointless because you're both in the same bed, just as you will be when you're married.

Second, you should not live under the same roof with your fiance. When you do that, you're basically pretending to be married and claiming all of your rights as husband and wife even though your partner hasn't paid your dowry.

To make the most of it, research have shown that living together before getting married lowers the statistical likelihood of your marriage succeeding.

Finally, this is something you should never do because combining your finances is a huge mistake. You have little legal remedy if you add up your money or give him access to your accounts by providing him with your bank card or mobile money account information. He might end up stealing your money if you do that.

Of course, you can do that after you get married, but until then, keep your money to yourself because what is yours is yours when you're single.

Finally, never get pregnant for a man who hasn't married you yet. It's a huge blunder. Many women believe that by getting pregnant for their boyfriends, they can trick them into marrying them.

Some guys will compel you to abort the child, while others would ask you to give birth and care for the child.

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