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Preparing for pregnancy

I Got Pregnant at 19 Years and My Boyfriend Dumped me. Rita Narrates How She has been Through Alot.

Please, young girls, especially campus girls, refrain from putting relationship demands on yourself. You can't date a fellow college boy who is still reliant on his parents and then proceed to have intimate relations with him without utilizing protection. Rita is a wonderful example of a female who has been in this circumstance. He will simply make you pregnant and dump you.

Rita claimed on Tamima's real talk show on Switch TV that she joined campus when she was 19 years old and that there was this boy who they had known for a long time. The boy persuaded her to date, and they appear to be a perfect match. Rita made the decision without hesitation to give in and let the boy to become her sweetheart.

Rita discovered she was pregnant after six months of dating and unprotected physical intercourse. She opted to take a pregnancy test, which confirmed her pregnancy.

This was the worst time of her life because she knew how severe her parents were, and she knew that if they had realized that their young kid was already pregnant, they would have reacted violently. As a result, Rita made the decision to inform his partner that she is expecting a child. The partner was taken aback, so they conducted another test to prove it.

His partner began acting strangely after learning that Rita was pregnant, and he got disinterested in her, and dumped Rita after a month. Rita remained hopeless, and her sister, who was ten years her senior, was their only alternative.

Her friends persuaded her to inform her sister after discussing with her. Rita was concerned because her sister was older than her, but she had never gotten pregnant and had no children. So Rita persuaded her sister that it was good enough, and her sister vowed to assist her while keeping her parents in the dark.

So Rita lived at her sister's house for seven months before moving out to try to catch up on her schoolwork. Something odd happened to her while she was seven months pregnant, and she miscarried. She only realized this after she was brought to the hospital. Her sister stepped in to assist her, paying her bills and encouraging her. Rita has never trusted a man since then, and she is doing OK.

Please, ladies, take a page from Rita's book and avoid these youthful partnerships. Instead, focus on yourself and your ambitions.

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