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I Cheated On My Boyfriend Of Two Years With His Friend Not Knowing They Were Testing Me – Lady cries

A young woman reflected on the manner in which her two prior relationships both came to an end after she had an affair with the man's closest friend who was dating the man she was seeing at the time. This friend was seeing the man she was seeing at the time.

In spite of the fact that her boyfriend turned up on a date she was having with her without any prior warning and after she had already spent time with a third party who was known to both of them, she maintains that everything was planned out in advance.

There is no loyalty, and you can't trust anyone; she states that the only time she recognized that everything was a test was when she returned to the home that she shared with her partner. This is the one time she realized that everything was a test. She had never before had the realization that everything was a test, but this was it.

After some time had passed, her man's best buddy sent her a text message in which he enquired as to whether or not she had been kicked out of the residence. After she got the text, she asked her partner what was going on, and he told her that it was all a test. After that, she questioned what was going on. She could not believe what she had read in the text. After that, he walked away from her and ignored her.

When the woman ran into her ex-partner, she was overcome with sentiments of regret; yet, she was at a loss as to what she should do in response to those feelings. If you click the link that I've provided below, you'll be able to watch the video in which she recounts her experience. The video was placed on a website for public viewing.

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