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Our Perfect Wedding: A divorcee finds love again but will the children object?... see photos

This week on Our Perfect Wedding we met a couple that used to be colleagues and transitioned into lovers. Their love was very beautiful to look at on screen but there were tensions clearly brewing around the timing of their union and the divorce. Along with the children having animosity towards the new spouse.

The Motau children had a hard time adjusting to their father finding someone else to love and even assumed he would neglect them. They had so many fears about the new woman being like the step mother you read about in stories. I was worried when they started to tear up. However, one need only look at Tumi to know that their isn't a wicked bone in her body. They were even the bridal party at her wedding. It was quite moving.

Tumi's own child spoke with a maturity her new sister could stand to learn from. She mentioned also being terrified of the change but acknowledged that her mother was so much happier now with her new stepfather. I believe we underestimate children simply because they are younger. But they are capable of being selfless and understanding just as their adult counterparts.

For the wedding, the couple had a simple wishlist: the decor, Tumi's dress and the cake. Each element was decided between them as spouses and each one was perfect and well thought throughout. From the marching band to the dresses coordinating to symbolize family to the cake with delicious flavours I wanted to try. I've never had mango cake before and now I really want to try some.

I will say this about this weeks couple. Their love was palpable. I can understand why the Motau family all came around to support them. The way in which they easily declare their love for the other? It is unparalleled. I think it's the kind of love you aim to have, the soulmate kind. I hope they will have a blessed union together.

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