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6 Questions A Woman Should Ask Before Sleeping With Any Man

There are some women nowadays who are afraid to become involved in a relationship for fear of heartbreak, and these ladies are correct. You have to ponder and check things out before accepting a man as your lover whether you are in love or in a relationship since it is not all roses.

In order to know if you are doing the correct thing or wasting your time in the name of a relationship, you need to ask yourself certain questions before opening your legs for a man or having any love sentiments.

Six questions to ponder before sleeping with any man are listed below:

Is he truly in love with you, or is he only interested in having a good time with you in the other room before dumping you? If so, what is he hoping to achieve with you in the near future?

Is there any reason he can't just grab your hands and declare you his wife if he truly loves you?

Are you attracted to him, or are you bored and need someone to hang out with who has no affections for you? You can't make yourself fall in love with a man just because he has a good job. Is it true that you adore him?

Will he accept and take full responsibility if you become pregnant for him in the act, or will he run away or deny that he is the genuine father of the child you are carrying?

How often does he bring up marriage or the future with you, or are you two just friends having fun doing things married people do? The time has come for you to quit wasting your time and find out where the two of you are headed.

Be aware of the social and family embarrassment you will face if you become pregnant before marriage. Nobody wants to welcome a pregnant daughter into the family when she is not yet married.

Remember the risks and how you put your life and womb in danger if you get pregnant and he rejects it and tells you to have an abortion. Before engaging in sexual relations with a man, make certain he is a responsible adult.

You must realize that not all men who are interested in getting between your legs are interested in you as a woman. Men should never use this tactic to show their affection for their female partners. Other than taking you to the other room, these are other ways for him to show you how much he cares about you.

If he truly cares about you, he should make his feelings known to you. Men that truly care about their women will not put pressure on them to give something they are not ready for. That way a man who truly loves you won't compel you to engage in sexual activity with him.

Also, keep this in mind when looking for a man to share your life with. You want someone who will be responsible and can stand his ground if necessary.

Many young women have had their pregnancies refused or terminated because they were careless in their choice of a partner or didn't take precautions. As a result, be extremely cautious about the kind of man you open your legs for when it comes to abortion or hiding an early pregnancy from family, friends, and society.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far.

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