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Part 1: Dear man, what do you talk about at the annually Man's Conference?

Dear Man

The fake man's conference that is held in secret venues annually in February, because you are running away from spoiling your partners for Valentine's Day. What do you guys talk about? I am really interested to know, and I am sure I am not the only woman concerned. I am asking out of interest and concern about the style of writing that makes its way to our inboxes on various social media and dating apps.

The language or style of writing leaves much to be desired. The shorthand writing you are using; it is not good at all. I do sometimes wonder which school or curriculum did you guys, that we as woman did not do. We really missed out guys when the period was about 'MIXIT' or shorthand writing period. What is the point guys of writing like this? Is it out of disregard or you really don't have time to construct a proper sentence with proper words? I understand we leave in a fast-paced world, but you could take a minute or two and ' How are you doing? instead of HUD'. I don't want to lie to you guys, we hate it, we hate it with passion. If you used this shorthand writing because you were in a hurry, couldn't you just send the message a little bit later, when you have time in your hands.

By the way, there is something called predictive text in your phones, that can be activated, that could make your lives pretty much easier. Type the first few letters, then it gives you possible words you want to write. Sometimes it can suggest a whole sentence, that you are writing. Please guys, make use of it. We are begging you. I will make us happy.

Can we send a delegation to the next year's conference? All we want to do is to do a presentation on how to talk to us. it can be just few hours of a presentation, plenary session, and deliberations. After that we can leave you in peace guys addressing man's issues that have nothing to do us. Since the conference is held in a secret location, we are willing to do this presentation online.

I do hope this will make it to the chairperson and his NEC, who they will consider out proposal and allocate us time to address this matter.

I thank you!

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