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Girls like this one are after money nothing else(OPINION)

Girls like this one are after money nothing else(OPINION)

(Picture used for illustrations this are not actual people)

Opinion piece

We all know Money is What we want all but we dont have to overdo muchon how to make it.

Modern Girls tend to use their body to make Money and that is very dangerous to their Life, Some are been killed for such things.

They agree to Men that they will sleep with them for cash exchange and some of those Girls get infected hence the sleep with different Men.

They get infected because of sleeping with Multiple partners without protection, In the name of cash. Some do such things when drunk then they don't really know what happened next.

Many lost their jobs due to Covid19 pandemic outbreak. Some of them were are owning Houses and cars.

They now use their cars as private transport trying to make some extra cash, houses are been rented. Girls should learn to be independent from now now and forget about about fucking men for cash.

Now we in level one but still night clubs are still prohibited from opening so how are those Girls make money now?

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