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A man proposed to his girlfriend in front of her Grandma, but the grandma said this

A man who goesby the name of Mj left people's hearts melting on Twitter. This comes after he took to Twitter to share what happened when he was proposing to his girlfriend. Mj proposed to his girlfriend in front of his girlfriend's grandmother.

Mj went straight to his girlfriend, kneel down and told his girlfriend how much he loves her, and that he doesn't see himself with any other woman, in other words, he want to spend the rest of his life with her. According to Mj, his girlfriend was starstrucked, and out of words, her grandmother then said it out loud first "yes" before her girlfriend said it "I proposed to my girlfriend last night and her grandma said yes first" said Mj.

People were blown away by the story of this couple's sweet moment "Omg grandma was ready" said Twitter user who is happy for this couple. Some people were saying that this couple's union will be blessed "When grandma accepts you, then you you are a keeper. Congratulations mate" said a Twitter user.

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