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A Lady Was Sexually Assaulted By Her Trusted Male Friend

Ladies should be aware of make friends. Some of those friends they keep you close because they love you. You can tell a guy that you have someone but he will not leave you alone. The minute he says let us be friends then you should be aware. He will all his best to keep you close. He will pretend as if he is okay but he is not. The mistakes that ladies do is to tell them everything about our life. You start to tell him about your partner and he will always ask you if the two of you are okay. When you start to fight with your partner they always there to give you a shoulder to cry on. They will take you out on dates and buy you some stuff.

Some they can go to a mile of calling you when you are with your partner they do not respect your space. They can take you out on date and buy you alcohol. They do not even mind to spend on you because he is trying so hard to win you over. They make you believe that they care about you, they make you believe that they only want what is best for you. When you are in trouble they come to your rescue. One thing that ladies should learn is that a man cannot spend on you for free. They are counting how many times they spend on you. It is okay to have friends but you also need to be careful of who you trust. There are lot perpetrators out there and they are waiting to explode. The lady wrote on Instagram that her male friend sexually assulted her after buying her drinks. She was drunk and she did not expect it to happen. She did not think that he will do this to her because they are friends.


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