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Opinion |My girlfriend drinks these pills every day and she says is for periods pains, Is it true?

I'm 38 years old now, and I began living with my girlfriend at the age of 27 years old when we were both students at the same university. We have remained together to this day. Both of us finished our studies at the same time; I was 29 years old when I finished my studies and she ended her studies at the age of 23 when she finished her studies. For almost 12 years, we have been together. We are both employed, and we had hoped to start a family together in the future.

Every time before we go to bed, my girlfriend used to take these pills, and she would tell me that they were for period pains. When I asked her why she took them even when she was not on her period, she explained to me that she had to take them every day so that when she was on her period, she wouldn't feel pain and bleed excessively. Well, it appears that they are working because whenever she is on her period, I have never heard her complain about pains and she doesn't bleed for several days. Although I have heard that period pains are excruciatingly painful, I would disagree with this because I have never witnessed my girlfriend suffering from period pains while on her period.

My girlfriend and I have been trying to conceive for almost four years now with no success. I even questioned myself if it was the pills we were taking that were causing us to be unable to have a child because pills can be dangerous when taken in large doses. The men's clinic examined me to see if I had a problem, but they determined that my sperm count was strong and in good health. Obviously, the issue was on my end because my girlfriend had a child while she was still in high school, and when I began dating her, she was already pregnant with her first child.

I went to a traditional healer to see if there was any medicine that could give me a boost because I didn't believe all I had been told at the men's clinic. When I got to the traditional healer, I asked if he could offer me any medication to help with my boyfriend, and the old man informed me that I was OK and that he would simply give me a medicine. Because I continued to try, but to no avail, this didn't help in the slightest. As well as going outside and trying to see whether I was pregnant, I managed to get pregnant by another girl outdoors while keeping it a secret from my partner, which was a pleasant surprise. As a result, I realized that I was not the source of the problem. What came to mind was those pills she was taking, which I blamed for preventing us from becoming parents. When I told her that she needed to stop taking the pills, she claimed that she was afraid of period pains.

My coworker informed me that the tablets were intended to prevent girls from becoming pregnant; however, I didn't believe her because she is known for making light of serious situations; however, this is still on my mind today. My mind wanders back to what my friend told me every time I see them; nevertheless, I'm scared to ask her since she could think I'm trying to reveal our secret in public. I'm still not sure how I'm going to tell her that I have a child outside because I'm not sure how she's going to respond.

My request to you, my fellow readers, is that you counsel me because I have no idea what to do and still have no idea what those medicines are for. I'm in desperate need of clarification on these tablets, so if you know what they're for, please post your response in the comments section below. Please accept my thanks in advance.


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